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David McDonald and Carter Potter
in Duo Solo Exhibitions in Gallery 3

July 25 - September 4, 2021

Masks and Social Distancing Required

McDonald and Potter - DAVID McDONALD

July 25 - August 28, 2021

PRJCTLA is hosting its third group of exhibitions in July-August, 2021 in two separate shows.

Gallery 1 and 2 gallery will host a group exhibition titled A DELICATE TOUCH with three Los Angeles based artists Steve DeGroodt, Shirley Tse, Jae Hwa Yoo and James Buss (from Texas).

Gallery 3 will be showing the works of David McDonald and Carter Potter in a duo-solo exhibition titled McDONALD AND POTTER, both artists are LA based and mostly work in non traditIonal materials.

In addition to its downtown gallery space, PRJCTLA continues to have a strong online presence on Instagram (@prjctla), on the gallery website ( and on a 3D platform that is accessible through the gallery’s website.

David McDonald - installation view
David McDonald - installation view



David McDonald’s artworks fuse the art of the readymade with assemblage, Minimalism, and Postminimalism. Composed of unremarkable materials such as raw and painted wood, bricks, paper, cement, and plaster. His sculptures propose an aesthetic rooted in the organic and handmade and their off-kilter compositions suggest a tension between order and chaos.

McDonald has works included samples from several bodies of work in this exhibition, and while the visual qualities vary, they all share a belief in process and intuition as a way of developing work. In addition, they all share an additive process whereby the elements are made and then come together at a later stage in the development of the work.

The Light series is one of the sequences he has included in the exhibition. The body of work is composed of pieces that were made in a single pour of hydrocal into a mold. The hydrocal, a type of white gypsum, is colored by concentrated watercolors before it is poured. Due to the inherent vaporous qualities of watercolor the pieces have the contradictory appearance of being solid shapes and mass but with ephemeral surfaces.

McDonald has also included two larger (55 inches tall) pieces in the show that are a continuation of a group of pieces he has developed over the past two years. They also are accumulations of events and materials that are brought together later in the process of making. These two pieces also play with light and transparency and have a seeming fragility to them.

The wire works on the wall are made from cannibalized pieces from previous works. In a sense he uses his own older and destroyed works as a type of found object that brings a sense of character and history to new pieces.

All of these works use natural light as a component of the piece, either by moving through the works or by activating the surfaces. The seeming solidity of the sculpture coupled with the ephemerality of the play of light on the surfaces creates an interesting contradiction that gives the works a certain tension.

David McDonald - installation view
David McDonald - installation view
David McDonald - Installation view
David McDonald - Installation view

PRJCTLA is pleased to present a diverse range of exhibitions creating a collaborative relationship with artists and other exhibition spaces.

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