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David McDonald and Carter Potter
in Duo Solo Exhibitions in Gallery 3

July 25 - September 4, 2021

Masks and Social Distancing Required

McDonald and Potter - Carter Potter

July 25 -September 4, 2021

PRJCTLA is hosting its third group of exhibitions in July-August, 2021 in two separate shows.

Gallery 1 and 2 gallery will host a group exhibition titled A DELICATE TOUCH with three Los Angeles based artists Steve DeGroodt, Shirley Tse, Jae Hwa Yoo and James Buss (from Texas).

Gallery 3 will be showing the works of David McDonald and Carter Potter in a duo-solo exhibition titled McDONALD AND POTTER, both artists are LA based and mostly work in non traditIonal materials.

In addition to its downtown gallery space, PRJCTLA continues to have a strong online presence on Instagram (@prjctla), on the gallery website ( and on a 3D platform that is accessible through the gallery’s website.


While known primarily for his Film Paintings, Carter Potter’s sculptural works have always been an important element to his artistic practice. He explores the ideas of beauty and despair inherent in the discarded couches and other furniture he finds on his way to the studio, or on walks in his neighborhood.

His practice includes re-contextualizing these objects through changing their normal orientation and/or stripping them down and then presenting them in galleries. Sometimes he makes paintings from the stripped fabric as well.

When Potter first visited PRJCTLA and saw Gallery Three - he described it as: “secluded, no windows, a high ceiling with skylights and floodlights, a concrete floor with a ramp, and doors and details with unknown functions”, he immediately thought of it as a torture chamber, albeit a gorgeous and aestheticized one.

The rawness of the space provides a perfect platform for his work. Potter describes it as a match made in heaven for an exercise in hell. Or is it the other way around? The viewer can decide.

Carter Potter - installation view
Carter Potter - installation view
Carter Potter - installation view
Carter Potter - installation view

PRJCTLA is pleased to present a diverse range of exhibitions creating a collaborative relationship with artists and other exhibition spaces.

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